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Beijing & Malaysia
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Malaysia, Beijing
7 Nights
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Malaysia is a mix of the modern world and a developing nation. With its investment in the high technology industries and moderate oil wealth, it has become one of the richer nations in Southeast Asia. Malaysia, for most visitors, presents a happy mix: there is high-tech infrastructure and things generally work well and more or less on schedule, but prices remain more reasonable than, say, Singapore.
Day 1 Kuala Lumpur Arrival
Arrive in Kuala Lumpur airport and transferred to hotel
In-Flight Meal
Day 2 Kuala Lumpur
Visit Malacca, founded in 1403, the Sultanate of Malacca was once the greatest and most powerful empire and seaport in South East Asia.
Visit the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia
Malacca is also one of the birthplace of the “Babas” - a mix of Chinese and Malay cultures uniquely their own
Return to Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon
Day 3 Kuala Lumpur
Discover Kuala Lumpur city old and the new, starting from where the city began, which is at teh confluence of two rivers.
Visit the King’s Palace, the National Museum, the National War Monument, Independence Square
Visit a local handicraft centre and a photo stop at the magnificent Petronas Twin Tower
Free at leisure in the afternoon
Day 4 Kuala Lumpur - Beijing
Transferred to airport to take scheduled flight to Beijing
Upon arrival in Beijing, meeting tour guide or tour leader in Beijing airport and transferred to hotel
Free time to take leisure
Day 5 Beijing
Visit Tiananmen Square
Walk through the Forbidden City, home of the Chinese emperors and their household for five centuries
Visit tea house to learn about Chinese Tea Culture
Optional Hutong Rickshaw tour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 6 Beijing
Visit 2008 Olympic Games Sites , Bird’s Nest & Water Cube (Outside)
Learn about Jade, China’s most precious and celebrated stone
Walk in the clouds while hiking the 2,000-year-old Great Wall of China
Breakfast, Lunch
Day 7 Beijing
In the morning go to Temple of Heaven to see local people's Tai Chi lesson, morning exercise along the way to Temple of Heaven
Silk Factory Outlet - Learn about silk, the very trade item which started the famous Silk Road, and its delicate manufacturing process
Free at leisure in the afternoon or join optional tour to Beijing Zoo and Flea Market to enjoy bargain shopping
Day 8 Beijing-Home
Transfer to the airport to take scheduled flight back home
Forbidden City- The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the middle of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum. For almost 500 years, it served as the home of emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government.
Great Wall - The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China in part to protect the Chinese Empire or its prototypical states against intrusions by various nomadic groups or military incursions by various warlike peoples or forces. Several walls were being built as early as the 7th century BC; these, later joined together and made bigger, stronger, and unified are now collectively referred to as the Great Wall. Especially famous is the wall built between 220–206 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang.
Hutong - Hutongs represent an important cultural element of the city of Beijing. Thanks to Beijing’s long history and status as capital for six dynasties, almost every hutong has its anecdotes, and some are even associated with historic events. In contrast to the court life and elite culture represented by the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven, the hutongs reflect the culture of grassroots Beijingers. The hutongs are residential neighborhoods which still form the heart of Old Beijing.
Cheng Hoon Teng Temple - Cheng Hoon Teng is a premier historical monument that has survived the ravages of time. It remains the finest of Chinese temples in Malaysia – a fact underscored by an UNESCO award for outstanding architectural restoration. The temple ranks among the most significant in Southeast Asia, being central to the spiritual aspirations of the Chinese community in historic Malacca..
King's Palace - The King’s Palace or Istana Negara was built in 1928 and was originally the residence of a Chinese millionaire. During the Japanese occupation from 1942-1945, it was used as the Japanese officers’ mess. After the surrender of the Japanese, the building was bought by the Selangor State Government. It was then renovated to become the palace of His Majesty the Sultan of Selangor until 1957..
National Museum - The National Museum (Muzium Negara) is the most principal museum of Malaysia. It has a large central main entrance hall that is flanked by two exhibition wings. In those wings (upstairs and downstairs) are: a Historical Gallery, a Metalwork and Musical Instruments Gallery, a Cultural Gallery, a National Sports Gallery and a Natural History Gallery..
Malaysia Beijing – 7 Nights
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Furama Hotel or similar in Kuala Lumpur
Traders Upper East or Park Plaza Science Park in Beijing
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